Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Project Idea #2 - Inventory tracking application

A local non-profit has a need to be able to accurately track it's inventory. They lend their assets out to people in the community and they would like to be able to easily view what is currently in their possession as well as what is loaned out and to whom the item is loaned to. In addition, they would like to store the borrowers personal information in order to ensure total accountability of all items. 

Currently, this process is managed on several excel spreadsheets. While the process works, it is very easy to lose track of items. The result is that many items are not returned and they are unable to track who last borrowed that item. 

The system will include a way for the agency to update their inventory, input and update all previous and new users personal information, as well as provide a reporting function that informs the user when an item has been out for a period of time set by the agency at the time of transaction. This will be a web based system that will allow all members of the agency to view their current inventory as well as have automated functions informing them of items past it's return date. 

This system, if used properly, will reduce the agency's losses as well as reduce man-hours spent tracking their inventory. 


  1. I think this project idea is really cool - what i mean by cool is i think some of the non-profit organizations will really want your idea once they know about it, even those non-profits that had not been wanting someone for technical help. Being able to store the inventory data in the cloud really is fascinating for them, i suppose. :)

  2. The effectiveness of the inventory control software is anchored to the operation of the group. That’s why I think it’s great that you’re basing the application on their problems and the things that can make operations smoother. Plus, making the application web-based can help the agency update data in real time and unify the agency inventory management.

    Ethan Mudgett

  3. Michael, another excellent idea! Are you looking for a third one? It occurs to me that the non-profit you are thinking about likely also has HR issues such as keeping track of everyone involved in the organization and CRM issues such as keeping track of donors, sending out mailings to interested parties etc. Do they currently use spreadsheets for managing all of that? Addressing all those could be a great third brainstorm ...

  4. More efficient ways to track and keep inventory control would allow the agency to conduct its operation transparent from the normal day to day operations.