Monday, October 8, 2012

SaaS - How it's changed our lives

Software as a service (SaaS) is a revolution in computing that has significantly affected our daily lives. Everyone one of us use some type of SaaS software whether it be facebook, twitter, yelp, or webmail. SaaS has changed the game in terms of how users view and interact with software. Gone are the days where we need to buy the software, install it on our machines, keep our hardware compatible in order to run it, and continually patch it to ensure the security of our machines. With SaaS, most of the time all we need is a web browser and an internet connection.

So no more manually installing software everytime I get a new machine, no more having to carry around an external hard drive with your saved files, and no more worrying about licensing fees. So how does this all work and how is it phasing out the old "locally installed" software approach? 

1. Compatibility and accessibility - SaaS applications are available on any device, any platform, and at any time you need it (provided you have an internet connection). Because it's on the internet, it's easy to find and the learning curve for usage is low. 

2. Lower cost - Most SaaS applications are subscription based, there is a lower investment needed to adopt the application due to  lower hardware, software, and personnel costs. 

3. No upgrade or installation - All SaaS applications are web based and require no patches or upgrades on the customers end. 

This all means that I can access all my social networking sites and information from any computer in the world. In addition, I can store all my files on the cloud and read and edit documents from my phone or on any terminal in the world. I can collaborate with co-workers and peers around the world at any time. In most cases, the only thing I have to worry about it having a platform (any platform) to access the internet. It's all 

In the end, it means lower costs, no compatibility issues, and unlimited scalability. All in all, it seems that SaaS is the way forward for software in the future. I, personally, am more than willing to pay a small subscription fee to have access to a well developed and maintained product that is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. With the money I save on having to constantly upgrade hardware, I will have the money to pay for the subscriptions and probably have a lot left over. Good deal all around!

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